Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 November

CBPOA Executive Committee meeting held November 4th, 2015

                                            Activities and Actions

Ø  There are now 7 or 8 Block Watches in formation/operation. An update will be given at the December General meeting.   

Ø  Camp Alexander Centennial in 2016. Art will talk to this at the December meeting

Ø  Have your say on Translink in the Community. The information associated with the on-line survey , www.translink.ca/trc , suggests there will be no bus/shuttle-bus service after 7PM. Erik will attempt to have a Translink representative come to the December meeting.

Ø  Would a CBPOA Facebook page be of value to gain Community opinions/sentiments on opportunities and issues? As a first step we should gain input at the December meeting by asking how many of us would potentially use Facebook.

Ø  The Volunteer Appreciation evening will occur next year, in early Spring

Ø  Planning  for the December General Meeting and Christmas Mingle on December 2nd.

Ø  The drainage project – we should have the City give an update at the March General meeting.