Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 November

CBPOA Executive Committee meeting held November 4th, 2015

                                            Activities and Actions

Ø  There are now 7 or 8 Block Watches in formation/operation. An update will be given at the December General meeting.   

Ø  Camp Alexander Centennial in 2016. Art will talk to this at the December meeting

Ø  Have your say on Translink in the Community. The information associated with the on-line survey , www.translink.ca/trc , suggests there will be no bus/shuttle-bus service after 7PM. Erik will attempt to have a Translink representative come to the December meeting.

Ø  Would a CBPOA Facebook page be of value to gain Community opinions/sentiments on opportunities and issues? As a first step we should gain input at the December meeting by asking how many of us would potentially use Facebook.

Ø  The Volunteer Appreciation evening will occur next year, in early Spring

Ø  Planning  for the December General Meeting and Christmas Mingle on December 2nd.

Ø  The drainage project – we should have the City give an update at the March General meeting.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 August

CBPOA Executive Committee meeting August 5th, 2015
Activities and Actions

Some members feel there is a lack of transparency as a result of the Quarterly open meeting – monthly Executive Committee only meetings format. 
Action:  a short Activities and Actions note will be published on the website following each Monthly Executive Committee meeting.

Directors at large positions discussed

Speed bump petition currently underway. The role of the CBPOA is to advise members how to submit their petition to the City and help navigate any road blocks that may occur.

September Quarterly meeting and AGM agendas. In addition to the regular items the Quarterly meeting agenda will include:
 - someone from the City presenting the process for the review of the Community Land Use Plan. 
- suggestion for information gathering around parking issues.
- information on Block Watches.

>   Signage in the Village. The Executive Committee believes there are enough signs             detailing summer dog restrictions and more signage for this and for safe-guarding valuables in cars is not required.

 >   Treasurer’s report.