Monday, August 8, 2016

CBPOA – Executive Committee Meeting held August 3rd, 2016. Activities and Actions

             CBPOA – Executive Committee Meeting held August 3rd, 2016
                                          Activities and Actions

1)    Actions from the June 1st, Quarterly General Meeting:

1:1) Stop sign O’Hara Lane partially obscured.  The “Surrey Request App” used to inform the City. June 3rd, City respond with a service request number, June 7th, informed a Course of Action developed and by June 11th the issue was corrected.

We recommend that any member requiring action on an issue, use the “Surrey Request App” to inform the City, rather than waiting for a Quarterly General Meeting.

1:2) Note sent to Coast Mountain bus. June 3rd, Coast Mountain responded – a request made to Operations to issue Operator Bulletin, reminding bus operators to obey posted speed limits

1:3) June 3rd, contacted the City Dept. of Transportation requesting consideration of some type of calming on Gilley.

2)    Discussed the presence/absence of By-aw and Traffic Enforcement in the village at dusk and on busy weekends. A request will be made to the RCMP to attend the September 7th Quarterly General Meeting and talk about what they are seeing this summer, how this compares statistically with previous years and what are the plans to deal with speeding.

3)    Discussed the amount of litter in the village, away from the beach. The city will be contacted about the issue and more bins requested.

4)    Agenda preparation for the September 7th Quarterly General Meeting.

5)    Preparation for the September 7th Annual General meeting.

Particularly, communicating with the membership about the issue of having no -one willing to let their name stand for election to the positions of President, Vice-President and Membership.