Sunday, February 12, 2017

        CBPOA – February 8th, 2017, Executive Committee Meeting.

                                      Activities and Actions.

1)    Church Property Development Survey.

It is felt that a survey response totaling 182 members represents a huge success. It has validated the survey approach and technique as a means to quickly respond to the membership and gain the temperature and pulse with respect to the church property development.
Comments received with respect to confusion and lack of clarity with two of the ten questions, are helpful in ensuring questions in future surveys are designed to be clear and unambiguous. Having said that, having alerted us all to the ambiguity of commonly used terms in community design, such as “vibrancy” and “live-ability” should prove beneficial in future discussions around the Community plan.
Next steps: - combine the responses from our members who prefer to use paper with the electronic Survey Monkey responses in a summary form and communicate the results back to the membership. Having done that, arrange to meet with the City of Surrey, Planning department to communicate the results.

2)    Paddle Board survey.

Given the 70% agree, 10% neutral, 20% disagree result from the 140 members responding, the City of Surrey, Parks, Recreation and Culture department has been contacted, indicating membership support for their asking for proposals for a new contract.
Member comments regarding observed deficiencies around water safety standards and compliance will be communicated to the City Parks dept. for them to address in any new contract.

3)    Planning for the March Quarterly General Meeting.