Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CBPOA – November 2nd, 2016 – Executive Committee Meeting.
                                         Activities and Actions

1)    Robert Doolan has joined the Executive Committee as a Director-at-Large.
Robert is Board Chair at Alexandra Neighbourhood House.

2)    The City has experienced some delay in gaining approvals and has changed the wave splash over protection system project to be the berm and re-grading of the path with no catch basin installation. A contractor has been lined up and work will start soon. The Parks department is working on the concrete sitting wall at Beecher Place and it is also expected to go in this year.

3)    The Directors of the CBPOA are sending a letter of support to Beach House Theatre to assist in their grant applications. In addition we are sending a donation of $1000 to Beach House Theatre, as a contribution to a local Crescent Beach organization that has a positive impact on our community.

4)    Planning for the December 7th, 2016, Quarterly General meeting and Christmas Mingle.

5)    A beautification grant application has been made to the City to improve the area outside the sports box on Sullivan St.  Members are encouraged to suggest ideas and opportunities for other potential beautification projects for grant applications.

Friday, October 14, 2016

CBPOA - Executive Committee Meeting held October 5th, 2016

CBPOA – October 5th, 2016 – Executive Committee Meeting. 

 Activities and Actions

  1.  Rona Tepper will join the Executive Committee as a Director-at-Large and be the liaison with the RCMP District 5. 
  2. A number of the Executive Committee members participated in the Crescent Beach portion of the September 26th kick off tour for the Surrey Coastal Flood Adaption Strategy, (CFAS). Organized by the City of Surrey and led by Matt Osler and Carrie Barron, over 30 people participated, representing Surrey, various municipalities, consultants, First Nations, environmental groups and other stakeholders. The tour guides encouraged the participants to think broadly about adaption strategies, such as those that could reduce the energy of the incoming wave action, not just methods to protect and armour the coastal structures. For more information go to
  3. Notification of the changes to the Officers of the CBPOA, under the Society’s Act, completed and arrangements made for the required signing authority changes.
  4. Look ahead to the December Quarterly General Meeting and Christmas Mingle.

Monday, August 8, 2016

CBPOA – Executive Committee Meeting held August 3rd, 2016. Activities and Actions

             CBPOA – Executive Committee Meeting held August 3rd, 2016
                                          Activities and Actions

1)    Actions from the June 1st, Quarterly General Meeting:

1:1) Stop sign O’Hara Lane partially obscured.  The “Surrey Request App” used to inform the City. June 3rd, City respond with a service request number, June 7th, informed a Course of Action developed and by June 11th the issue was corrected.

We recommend that any member requiring action on an issue, use the “Surrey Request App” to inform the City, rather than waiting for a Quarterly General Meeting.

1:2) Note sent to Coast Mountain bus. June 3rd, Coast Mountain responded – a request made to Operations to issue Operator Bulletin, reminding bus operators to obey posted speed limits

1:3) June 3rd, contacted the City Dept. of Transportation requesting consideration of some type of calming on Gilley.

2)    Discussed the presence/absence of By-aw and Traffic Enforcement in the village at dusk and on busy weekends. A request will be made to the RCMP to attend the September 7th Quarterly General Meeting and talk about what they are seeing this summer, how this compares statistically with previous years and what are the plans to deal with speeding.

3)    Discussed the amount of litter in the village, away from the beach. The city will be contacted about the issue and more bins requested.

4)    Agenda preparation for the September 7th Quarterly General Meeting.

5)    Preparation for the September 7th Annual General meeting.

Particularly, communicating with the membership about the issue of having no -one willing to let their name stand for election to the positions of President, Vice-President and Membership.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 May

                    CBPOA – Executive Committee Meeting held May 4th, 2016.
                                        Activities and Actions
1)    2015  CBPOA   CRA filing completed.
Funds forwarded to the Blackie Spit Preservation Society, as per the agreement in place.

2)    Whistle Cessation Meeting with the City – there is an expectation that the City, at some point, will be in a position to share with the community what has been agreed with Transport Canada and BNSF.

3)    At the request of the City, Directors met with the Department of Transportation to discuss traffic calming and other matters.  Councillor Villeneuve and City planning also attended.

4)    Attended a meeting with the Block Watch Captains and the RCMP District 5.
Block Watch fed back that the road blocks help to prevent issues.  They also indicated to the new District 5 Sergeant that a presence between dusk and the late evening.

5)    Garbage collection - the City will be increasing the staffing and the collection frequency and introducing recycle bins.

6)    Planning for the June Quarterly General Meeting:
-       A City representative will talk to plans for flood prevention.
-       Streamlining Quarterly Meeting processes.
-       Timing for the stages of the Review Process for the Land Use Plan.
-       Call for interest for the positions of President, Vice President and Membership which are up for election at the September AGM.
-       Request from Camp Alexander for ideas and input about what Camp “A” could/should look like out into the future. (Note: doing nothing with an aging facility is not an option).

2016 April

CBPOA Executive Committee Meeting held April 6th, 2016

Activities and Actions

1.     Liz to confirm with David Grant that the 2015 CBPOA CRA filing has been completed.
2.     The transfer of funds to the Blackie Spit Preservation Society according to the agreement in place with the CBPOA is still pending.  Liz to follow-up with David Grant.
3.     From the January 2016 Activities and Actions, gathering information on traffic incidents in Crescent Beach to support a traffic calming strategy has been set aside in light of the pending review of the Community Plan.  In a related matter, the City has requested a meeting with the CBPOA to discuss calming.  Malcolm has asked for clarification of why the meeting is being called given discussions that have already taken place and the pending review of the Community Plan.  In the meantime, Art will contact District 5 RCMP and ask what plans they have in place to manage traffic/policing over the spring and summer especially in light of the fact that speeding continues to be a problem on Sullivan (where calming is in place) and McBride north of Sullivan (where calming was rejected by the residents) as well as other streets in the Community.
4.     With respect to streamlining Quarterly Meeting process, Malcolm provided some thoughts around the introduction of motions at meetings.  At issue is a need to ensure motions brought forward are clear, there is sufficient information to make an informed decision and there is generally broad member support for a motion.  Often words are cobbled together on the spot resulting in motions that are confusing or poorly worded. The following proposed process will be outlined to the membership in the next meeting reminder message prior to the June 2016 meeting:
1.     New motions, unrelated to the business at hand, should be published in advance of the Quarterly General Meeting along with supporting documentation and an indication if there is general support for the motion.  Preferably, there should be sufficient time for the Directors to see the motion in advance of the meeting. The proposed motion would be provided in the meeting reminder notice.
2.     The Chair is in charge and can table a motion or refuse to accept a motion where the motion is unclear or needs more work.
5.     With respect to improving meeting efficiency, it was agreed that it would be helpful for members to physically see the words of the motion under debate.  One way, is to project the motion on a screen and Mark will follow up on what technology is available.
6.     Garbage collection, particularly at Blackie Spit Park, continues to be problematic on high volume days.   High volume days are generally predictable and Malcolm will ask the City what their plan for the summer is.
7.     Malcolm indicated the City will attend the next Quarterly meeting to provide and update on the City’s plans to manage flooding.  Temporary barriers are being stored near the pumping station and it was suggested rather than store the barriers there, they could be put to use as medians to define parking in the gravel area at Blackie Spit.  Erik will be asked to follow-up with the City.
8.     Logistics around the volunteer appreciation event to be held at Art’s on April 23rd were reviewed.
9.     It would be helpful for membership to know the schedule for the Community Plan review.  Erik will be asked to follow-up with the City.
10. A meeting for late April is being scheduled with the City for an update on Whistle Cessation.
11. Mark provided an update on the progress of a beatification grant application to landscape the median round about at the South end of McBride.  A driftwood feature has been dropped off and landscape plan has been completed.  Directors are coming together on Sunday, April 10th to clean up the are prior to planting.
12.  David asked we solicit input at the next Quarterly meeting, for strategic input on the future of Camp A to help define the Camp’s future.  Thoughts can be sent directly to David.

13. Art indicated Camp A requires volunteers to support it’s Centennial activities.  Malcolm will follow-up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2016 February

        CBPOA – Executive Committee Meeting held February 3rd, 2016
Activities and Actions
1) Spending some of our accumulated funds, (as has been suggested at our Quarterly General Meetings).
A hand held microphone will be purchased for use at our Quarterly Meetings. Cost not to exceed $500.
A donation of $1000 will be made to the Camp Alexandra 2016 Centennial Celebrations. The donation will be used for signage and will acknowledge the CBPOA contribution.

2) Planning for the March Quarterly General Meeting.
Representatives from the City of Surrey will attend and talk to:
The 2015 drainage project and plans for 2016,
The 2016 Commercial Activities on the beach,
The process and timing for: the Review of the Land Use Plan, (Community Development Plan).

3) The CBPOA volunteer recognition event will be on Saturday April 23rd, from 1 to 4PM. Details at the March meeting.
4) Concepts for streamlining some of our Quarterly General Meeting processes will be presented at the March meeting.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 January

CBPOA   Executive Committee Meeting held January 6th, 2016.
                                    Activities and Actions
1)    Planning for the March Quarterly General Meeting.
-       Invite a City representative to talk about what was learned from the 2015 drainage work and the plan(s) for 2016.
-       Invite a City representative to share what was learned from the 2015 paddleboard initiative on the beach and to discuss 2016 commercial activities on the beach.
-       Invite a City representative to share the thinking on traffic calming in the community.

2)    To aid in discussions around traffic calming, request and gather the data that is available with respect to traffic incidents in Crescent Beach.  Similarly, approach the City to firm up the plan and the process for the requested review of the Crescent Beach Community Plan.

3)    In order to investigate spending some of our accumulated CBPOA funds, (as has been suggested at Quarterly General Meetings,) explore with the Blackie Spit Preservation Society the potential to fund a scholarship, for a student from one of the local schools, as a prelude to presenting any initiative to the membership.

4)    Planning for the “Camp A” centenary celebrations is well underway. Historical displays will be featured and any relevant CBPOA membership archival materials are welcome.

5)    Should we be streamlining some of our open meeting processes? For someone wishing to raise an issue, should there be a process of notification and gathering of some level of community support/consensus for that issue, prior to it being brought forward to the membership at an open Meeting?  We will look at what others are using to aid any future discussions.

6)    Art has offered to host a CBPOA volunteer appreciation event in April. He and Bruce will firm up the date.