Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 May

                    CBPOA – Executive Committee Meeting held May 4th, 2016.
                                        Activities and Actions
1)    2015  CBPOA   CRA filing completed.
Funds forwarded to the Blackie Spit Preservation Society, as per the agreement in place.

2)    Whistle Cessation Meeting with the City – there is an expectation that the City, at some point, will be in a position to share with the community what has been agreed with Transport Canada and BNSF.

3)    At the request of the City, Directors met with the Department of Transportation to discuss traffic calming and other matters.  Councillor Villeneuve and City planning also attended.

4)    Attended a meeting with the Block Watch Captains and the RCMP District 5.
Block Watch fed back that the road blocks help to prevent issues.  They also indicated to the new District 5 Sergeant that a presence between dusk and the late evening.

5)    Garbage collection - the City will be increasing the staffing and the collection frequency and introducing recycle bins.

6)    Planning for the June Quarterly General Meeting:
-       A City representative will talk to plans for flood prevention.
-       Streamlining Quarterly Meeting processes.
-       Timing for the stages of the Review Process for the Land Use Plan.
-       Call for interest for the positions of President, Vice President and Membership which are up for election at the September AGM.
-       Request from Camp Alexander for ideas and input about what Camp “A” could/should look like out into the future. (Note: doing nothing with an aging facility is not an option).

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