Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 January

CBPOA   Executive Committee Meeting held January 6th, 2016.
                                    Activities and Actions
1)    Planning for the March Quarterly General Meeting.
-       Invite a City representative to talk about what was learned from the 2015 drainage work and the plan(s) for 2016.
-       Invite a City representative to share what was learned from the 2015 paddleboard initiative on the beach and to discuss 2016 commercial activities on the beach.
-       Invite a City representative to share the thinking on traffic calming in the community.

2)    To aid in discussions around traffic calming, request and gather the data that is available with respect to traffic incidents in Crescent Beach.  Similarly, approach the City to firm up the plan and the process for the requested review of the Crescent Beach Community Plan.

3)    In order to investigate spending some of our accumulated CBPOA funds, (as has been suggested at Quarterly General Meetings,) explore with the Blackie Spit Preservation Society the potential to fund a scholarship, for a student from one of the local schools, as a prelude to presenting any initiative to the membership.

4)    Planning for the “Camp A” centenary celebrations is well underway. Historical displays will be featured and any relevant CBPOA membership archival materials are welcome.

5)    Should we be streamlining some of our open meeting processes? For someone wishing to raise an issue, should there be a process of notification and gathering of some level of community support/consensus for that issue, prior to it being brought forward to the membership at an open Meeting?  We will look at what others are using to aid any future discussions.

6)    Art has offered to host a CBPOA volunteer appreciation event in April. He and Bruce will firm up the date.