Sunday, May 7, 2017

CBPOA - May 3rd, 2017, Executive Committee Meeting

                     CBPOA – May 3rd, 2017, Executive Committee meeting.
                                                 Activities and Actions

1)    The May 15th, 2017 Community Open House on the Review of the Crescent Beach Community Development Plan, (Land Use Plan).
Beecher Place, doors open at 6PM with the presentation starting at 7PM.                      (Please see the March 1st, 2017, Quarterly General Meeting draft minutes for the introductory presentation by Don Luymes, City of Surrey, Planning Dept.)
There will be a mail drop to all residents from the City the week prior to the Open House.

2)    BC’s New Societies Act. Ed Searcy will introduce this item at the June 7th, Quarterly General Meeting. The intent is to make only those changes to the CBPOA Constitution & Bylaws Document required by the new legislation. At the same time, it will indicated that any member wishing to suggest a change or a review of the CBPOA Constitution & Bylaws document will be given an opportunity to contact a Director within 14 days to make such a request.

For more information, please Google “Preparing for B.C.’s New Societies Act”. To access the CBPOA Constitution & Bylaws document, Google CBPOA and go to Under Navigation, click on Resources and go to CBPOA Societies Act pdf.

3)    Executive Committee positions up for election at the September 2017 AGM.  We now have members willing to let their names stand for the positions of Treasurer and Secretary. We are still looking for expressions of interest in the Director-at-Large positions as an opportunity to become involved and to aid in succession planning.

4)    Emergency Preparedness. Following on from the topic having been raised at the March 1st, 2017 Quarterly General meeting, a meeting was held with Mark Griffioen, the Assistant Fire Chief to determine what is out there. The City, as part of the Surrey Emergency Program, (SEP, updated December, 2015), has prepared four guides, called “toolkits” available on line at . Mark Griffioen is encouraging communities to engage with the “Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Toolkit”. This topic will be brought forward for discussion at the June Quarterly General Meeting.

5)    Beautification project at the Sullivan sports box. This is on hold pending a review by the city of what other improvement work should be carried out at the sports box/area, prior to any beautification work.

6)    Look ahead to the June 7th Quarterly General meeting.

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