Monday, July 10, 2017

CBPOA - July 5th, 2017 Executive Committee meeting.

       CBPOA – July 5th, 2017, Executive Committee meeting.
                                                Activities and Actions

1)      The Review of the Crescent Beach Community Development Plan, (Land Use Plan).

The City is in contact regarding the next Community meeting to be held in September. The transcribing of all the comments received at the first meeting on May 15th is almost complete and will be sent to us to communicate to our members.
As per the request at the June Quarterly General meeting, Beecher Place has been booked for Wednesday October 5th as an open meeting, for members to discuss opportunities/issues raised at the second (September) Review meeting.

2)      BCs New Societies Act.
There being no questions/suggestions from members following the June meeting, our lawyer will be asked to proceed with updating the CBPOA Constitution and Bylaws document, making only those changes required to comply with the new Provincial legislation.

3)      Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Toolkit.
There has been some interest expressed following the discussion at the June meeting. Alexandra Neighbourhood House has been offered as an emergency gathering place.  Will ask where people are in their thinking at the September meeting.

4)      Look ahead to the September Quarterly General Meeting and AGM.

We have members expressing interest for the two year positions of Treasurer and Secretary which are up for renewal at the September AGM. One person has expressed interest in the Director at Large position and Andrew will be in contact.

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